Valeria Fanelli, from TAKA - The Path, talks about the business of fashion film

Valeria Fanelli, representing the film -- TAKA - The Path, Vol. 1, joined us at Columbia College Chicago for a brief Q&A with the audience following the 2015 Fashion Film Festival Chicago screening. As an alum of CCC, she was delighted to represent this film and share her thoughts with the audience.

Q: What is a fashion film?

Fanelli: Fashion film is a personalised expression of the brand. It tells the history and identity or both. Film gives an opportunity to find a soul of the fashion brand or designer. I think it is an essential messenger for the audience.

Q: What do you think makes a good fashion film?

Fanelli: Good fashion film -- anything that is quality. Nowadays there are not good or bad ideas in fashion, anything can work for the right brand in the right time. And, I believe in surprise -- something not expected by the viewer is a great fashion film. Scriptwriters and directors must somehow show their genius to impress today's public.

Q: What is the appeal of the fashion film and why do you think it is becoming so popular?

Fanelli: It is all about identity and message. Like in any business, branding is everything today.  Multimedia is the fastest way to reach the client. Plus, it connects film people with the fashion industry; I believe that together, these two creative groups can make magic.

Q: From a filmmakers perspective, what is the value in creating fashion film?

Fanelli: People who make films, can’t imagine doing anything else. It is a labor of love, we don’t call it a job. Directors constantly search for inspiration for other stories. Fashion is very inspiring and quite an admirable field. Working with passionate people is the biggest value in creating a fashion film.

Q: There is talk that fashion films are replacing designers' need to have fashion week runway presentations, what are your thoughts on this?

Fanelli: I believe in both, runway is a very enjoyable event, very neutral many times -- all attention is focused on the product, less on identity. Meanwhile fashion film is more about message and character. I would not replace runway with fashion film, they both stand together perfectly. People must come together to celebrate life, to connect and share values, so why not do it twice!